Desireable Qualities of a Software Developer

  1. Ability to learn and use new technologies on the fly.
  2. Understand, Clarify and Implement requirements in short time and with little waste or overhead.
  3. Ability to read other developers code and reuse them when needed.
  4. Ability to refactor code developed by self and by  other developers with out breaking it.
  5. Ability to follow the desciplice of writing unit tests as code is developed.
  6. Ability to document and name classes, methods & variables meaningfully.
  7. Ability to use basic design patterns.
  8. Ability to understand and code Concurrency.
  9. Good grasp of Algorithmic Complexity and Data Structures.
  10. Ability to design UI.
  11. Ability to listen, understand & emulate what others are saying.

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